Doubled letters minimal pairs practice


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By:Alex Case
Level: All Levels
Topic: General
Grammar Topic: Pronunciation

Doubled letters minimal pairs practice

Without looking below, listen to your teacher read out some English words and race to raise the“Doubled letter”card if you think that the word has -bb-, -dd-, -mm-, -nn-, -pp-, or -tt- in it. If there is no doubled letter, just keep your card down. If you are scoring, you get five points for holding the card up first, but lose a point if you raise it when there is no doubled letter.

Try to work out the pattern for when letters are doubled and aren’t doubled below. Your teacher will tell you what level or levels to look at.

How are A, I, O and U pronounced below? How would that work for E?

How do the words below end? What single letter would have the same effect at the end after a single consonant?

Ask about any words that you don’t understand, are not sure how to pronounce, etc in the section(s) that you looked at. Ones in italics are not important to understand the meaning of at that level, so there is no need to check the meaning of those.

Test each other:

  • Play the same raising cards game
  • Draw something to represent a word and see if your partner can write and say the word
  • 说一个字,可以画,看看你的一部分ner can draw the right thing
  • Define one of the words and see if your partner can say it with the right pronunciation
  • Pronounce and define a word and see if your partner can pronounce and define the other one on the same line


Cards to hold up

Doubled letter

Doubled letter

Doubled letter

Doubled letter

Doubled letter

Doubled letter

Elementary and Pre-Intermediate

1. cutter cuter

2. dinner diner

3. sittingsiting

4. slimmingsliming

5. hopping hoping

6. stripped striped

7. supper super

8. winningwining


9. battingbating

10. bitter biter

11. knotting noting

12. latter later

13. moppingmoping

14. robbingrobing

15. scrapping scraping

16. sitting siting

17. slimming sliming

18. spittingspiting


19. biddingbiding

20. finned fined

21. grippinggriping

22. hatter hater

23. pinningpining

24. ridding riding

25. robbing robing

26. scatting skating

27. tapping taping


29. winning wining


30. batting bating

31. bidding biding

32. canning caning

33. dotting doting

34. gripping griping

35. kitting kiting

36. lopping loping

37. mopping moping

38. panned paned

39. pinning pining

40. ratting rating

41. ripper riper

42. shinning shining

43. slatted slated

44. slopping sloping

45. snipping sniping

46. spitting spiting

47. totting toting

48. winning whining

Card to hold up

Doubled letter

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