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Latest Added or Updated Lesson Plans

HR solutions strong and weak recommendations practice

Updated: 24th Jul. 2023 | Human resources vocabulary and language of advice practice

Doubled consonants bluff

Updated: 21st Jul. 2023 | Fun double consonants before suffixes presentation/ practice

Magic E drawing and miming game

Updated: 21st Jul. 2023 | Gestures and sketches to illustrate the meaning of words with and without E at the end

Restaurant reviews vocabulary and speaking

Updated: 20th Jul. 2023 | Adjectives and topics in restaurant reviews

描述喜欢的地方和like guessing game

Updated: 17th Jul. 2023 | Like as a verb and preposition practice talking about places

Idioms with as… as ranking activities

Updated: 11th Jul. 2023 | Discussing and then remembering as... as idioms like "busy as a bee"

Doubled letters minimal pairs practice

Updated: 10th Jul. 2023 | Suffixes that work like magic E practice, with simplest responses fast reactions game

Finding patterns in verb patterns

Updated: 10th Jul. 2023 | Verbs with similar and opposite meanings that share both taking gerund, both taking infinitive, efc

Magic E bluff

Updated: 7th Jul. 2023 | Lying game to practise words with and without magic E after short vowels and single consonants

What is… like? things in common

Updated: 6th Jul. 2023 | Finding things in common with verbs of senses, including like as a preposition questions

Connected speech in acronyms and spelling

Updated: 5th Jul. 2023 | Linking and intrusive sounds when letters are said next to each other

IELTS Listening - Expressions which make it easier to spot the answer

更新:2023年7月1日|Phrases before and after IELTS answers that reinforce right and wrong answers simplest responses game

Irregular Simple Past- Pronunciation and Storytelling

更新:2023年7月1日|Irregular Past Simple verbs with the same vowel sound pron and speaking

Academic English- Countable and Uncountable Nouns with the Same Meaning

更新:2023年7月1日|Synonyms of uncountable nouns in EAP

Crime and Punishment- Vocabulary and Speaking

更新:2023年7月1日|Crime vocabulary discussion questions

Superlatives- Pictionary Challenge Game

更新:2023年7月1日|Adjective plus +est and most drawing game

Reading Exam Tactics- Discussion Questions

更新:2023年7月1日|Doing well in reading tests discussion

Superlatives- Animal Dimensions Guessing Game

更新:2023年7月1日|Superlative adjectives and numbers to describe extreme animals

Email- Determiners Pairwork

更新:2023年7月1日|A, an, the, some, etc in typical emailing phrases

IELTS Writing Part Two Tips and Useful Language

更新:2023年7月1日|Advice and phrases for IELTS Writing Task 2 groupwork tasks

IELTS Writing Part One- Useful Phrases

更新:2023年7月1日|Useful language for IELTS Academic Writing Task 1

Free Time Sentence Completion- Personalised Guessing Game

更新:2023年7月1日|Guessing people's statements about their leisure game, with common phrases for talking about free time

Business English- Starting and Ending Presentations Phrases

更新:2023年7月1日|Beginning and finishing business and academic presentations phrases review

Sports Vocabulary- List Dictation and Speaking

更新:2023年7月1日|Vocabulary related to sports and exercise listening and speaking, with bluffing game

Social Issues- Brainstorming and Speaking

更新:2023年7月1日|Vocabulary related to social issues brainstorming and oral practice

Business English- Presentations Tips & Phrases

更新:2023年7月1日|Good presentations tips and language

Inviting and Dealing with Invitations- Phrases and Speaking Practice Game

更新:2023年7月1日|Invitations and responding to invitations phrases oral practice

IELTS Needs Analysis & Tips - First Lesson

更新:2023年7月1日|IELTS Speaking first lesson with needs analysis interviews and exam tips

Business English- Useful Phrases for Emails to Report on Meetings

更新:2023年7月1日|How and what to email after business emails

IELTS Speaking Part 1- Topics and Tenses

更新:2023年7月1日|Past, present and future questions on common IELTS Speaking Part One topics