Articles on Teaching Tips

How to teach telling the time in English

Category:Teaching Tips Topic:General
Teaching tips and classroom games/ activities for "seven o'clock", "nine p.m.", "sixteen hundred hours", etc.

How to teach ordinal numbers to EFL learners

Category:Teaching Tips Topic:Vocabulary
Teaching tips, games and other classroom practice for first, second, third, etc.

How to teach dates in English

Category:Teaching Tips Topic:Vocabulary
Classroom games and teaching tips for "The first of December two thousand and one", "January twenty second nineteen seventy", etc.

How to teach months

Category:Teaching Tips Topic:Vocabulary
Games and other classroom activities to help students memorise and be able to use months from January to December

How to teach days of the week in English

Category:Teaching Tips Topic:Vocabulary
Teachings tips, games and other classroom activities for memorising how to say and spell Monday, Tuesday, etc.

How to use Colouring-in in ESL Classes

Category:Teaching Tips Topic:General
如何有效地, efficiently and productively use colouring in to teach all kinds of language and skills

How to teach the zero conditional

Category:Teaching Tips Topic:Conditionals
Teaching tips and fun classroom activities for "If…" with Present Simple, modal verbs and imperatives, including 18 Zero Conditional games.

How to teach English syllables

Category:Teaching Tips Topic:Syllables
Teaching counting and pronouncing the right number of beats in English words.

How to teach comparing and contrasting

How to go far beyond "more" or "er" in describing similarities and differences.

How to teach hedging and generalising

How to teach and practise language to stop students overgeneralising and making stronger or more vague statements than they mean to

How to teach advantages and disadvantages- looking at both sides

Language and teaching ideas for examining both sides of an argument before reaching a conclusion in both speaking and writing

How to teach supporting your arguments

Presentation and practice for the most important part of giving opinions.

How to teach transport vocabulary to young learners

Category:Teaching Tips Topic:Vocabulary
Lots of things to teach about transportation and how to do so

How to teach turn taking

Teaching polite interrupting, getting back on track, etc.

How to teach checking and clarifying

Teaching how to ask for and give confirmation of meaning without sounding rude.