Category: Spelling and Punctuation

Articles looking at English spelling & how to punctuate in English, helping you improve accuracy and clarity in your written communication.

Spelling- Nouns and Verbs ending '-y'

A look at the rules for verbs and nouns ending -y.

Unlocking the Secrets of Verbs Ending in '-e'

Explore the spelling rules and variations for conjugating verbs ending in '-e,' including silent '-e' endings and one-syllable words, with practical examples to improve your English language skills.


One of the most frequent errors made by native speakers is with the apostrophe. Apostrophes are either put in words where they are not needed, or omitted when they should be used. Is the use of the apostrophe so complicated?

Comma Splices

What is a comma splice and how can it be avoided?

Spelling Plural Nouns

A look at the rules for making nouns plural in English.